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Leaders in Flight Engineering Training Since 1931

A long & proud history

AST themselves have been a world leader in the field of Aviation training since 1931, making it arguably the longest established organisation of its kind in the world.

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I wanted to work in the aviation industry and the best job I could think of was becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer that's why I've come to study at AST. Many of my mum's colleagues who are aircraft maintenance engineers recommended that I go study at AST. And after a month I see that I have made the right decision coming to AST. All the instructors are friendly and teach really well. I'm really looking forward to complete my course with AST and to get my EASA license.

Darren D Cunha

AST has given me a whole new perspective to engineering. The teaching facilities have helped me further improve my understanding of aircraft engineering -from the use of projector presentations with detailed notes in the classroom to the fully equipped hangar at the airport, that has many aircrafts as well as workshops which gives students a practical "feel" to the relevant module being taught, as opposed to just learning the basic theory in a basic classroom. The lecturers are very experienced too, they're always willing to help out in areas that you are unsure of and also won't hesitate to crack a joke in class to give us a breather from studying

Ashton Oliveira

In AST, the diversity of the student from around the world is amazing. We get to know the people from different country and learn about different culture. The lectures are well trained too. The story from their past experience and tips for the students for their future career are always something to keep note. I was introduced to AST by an Alumni from AST. I was that if i would want to pursue my dream as an aircraft engineer, AST would be the place to go for.

Syed Afiq

WHY AST ? Well. I ask, Why not ? For me, its more than just an institute. The teachers, administration staff, everyone out here, they are always there smiling, caring, giving the best of guidance , willing to help you anyway,no matter what. Being a student i came across many teachers back with their unique styles of teaching.But here, they are different. I dont know what's that, but something there in makes it easy for us. And that's what makes it more interesting for us to learn. I never thought that someday i will actually feel like going to college on Mondays. But well, they have made even mondays good for me. What else , it was my dream to study here after getting to know about it and there is no denying that it was one of the best decisions of my life that i made. There are many reasons for WHY AST ? Though i was unable to describe them all. But i wonder, if not to AST for the course, then where else?

Ehsan Sehgal

AST is the best organization they have got the best team best teachers and the international nature of students on the course has also been a major plus both in terms of making new friends from different countries and cultures to actually helping understanding modules.

Hamza Amjad