EASA / UK Part 66 Training B1 & B2 Modular Courses

EASA / UK Part 66 Zero to Hero Courses

AST offers a Modular Programme entitled the 'Zero to Hero' Courses and these courses will cover all of the Modules in relation to the Licence Categories of - B1.1 - Aeroplanes Turbine,  B1.2 - Aeroplanes Piston, B1.3 - Helicopters Turbine or B2 - Avionics

The Zero to Hero Courses are undertaken as a block modular program covering all of the modules applicable to each licence category you may be seeking with the Approved EASA examinations taking place on the final Friday of each module.

This course is suitable for those with pre-existing experience such as Armed Forces leavers or those with International Licences seeking EASA and/or UK Licence Qualification.

We have the following Zero to Hero Courses scheduled from January 2024

  • B1.1 Commencing on 7th January 2024 and completing on 7th June 2024 = £7535 + VAT
  • B1.3 Commencing on 7th January 2024 and completing on 31st May 2024 = £7192 + VAT

The following Zero to Hero courses will be available from June 2024

  • B1.1 Commencing on 9th June 2024 and completing on 8th November 2024 = £7535 + VAT
  • B1.2 Commencing on 9th June 2024 and completing on 22nd November 2024 = £7535 + VAT
  • B2 Commencing on 9th June 2024 and completing on 29th November 2024 = £8563 + VAT

Note: The Zero to Hero courses do not constitute an approved course, and therefore will not offer reductions in the experience requirements for those seeking licence issue, or extending basic licence categories. The Timetables for our Zero to Hero courses can be found in the following Short Modular Courses.

2024 Short Modular Courses

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