Aircraft Engineering Modules taught at AST

Aircraft Engineering Modules

The Engineering courses consist of one or more modules, some are shared across different courses and are common to both paths. Here are the modules we teach.

Common Subjects

These are the subjects that you would cover during the first year of the approved course



3)Electrical Fundamentals

4)Electronic Fundamentals

5)Digital Techniques/EIS

6)Materials & Hardware

7)Maintenance Practices

8)Basic Aerodynamics

9A)Human Factors

10)Aviation Legislation

Mechanical Modules

The subjects shown below constitute the specialist element of the licence for mechanical disciplines.

11)Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems

12)Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems

15)Gas Turbine Engine

16)Piston Engine


Avionics Modules

The subjects shown below are taught during the second year of the Cat B2 Avionics approved course.

13)Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems